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Energy Baseball Yearly Timeline

We do things differently...

When creating our program, one of the most important things we had in mind was to be unique and unlike any other program in the area. We believe in molding the student-athlete. The way our travel team schedule works is unlike anyone else. We believe in family time, a social life, playing multiple sports, all while keeping a consistent balance that maximizes our players well-being and baseball life. This is how we do it...



Tryouts for the following spring/summer season begin the first weekend in August. We begin our tryouts very early, so we have our rosters picked by August 25th. This allows us to begin accepting payments the last week of August.


Payments are due at the end of each month. The cost of Travel Baseball can be an expensive price for families to pay. By accepting deposits prior to labor day each year, it allows us to have 10 months of payments so we can really stretch out the expense and burden on our families. 

September - December... 

     Private Lessons:

During the months of September through November we begin our private lessons and group hitting pitching/catching/fielding clinics. This is the time to perfect your skills and mechanics and get a head start on your winter/spring training.

Private Lessons cost $45 per 30 minute 1-on-1 lesson. (Non-Energy Player Member = $50 per 30 minute 1-on-1 lesson.)

     Individual & Team Lifts: 

We hold $15 group strength classes (team lifts) throughout each week of the year. Hours vary depending on the season. These lifts are optional and are not included in the tuition package. They are wonderful for building strength, stamina, body control, and overall athletic growth. Each time slot is different for each age specific group. For instance, the 8-12 year olds have a much different lift than the 13-18 year olds. Non-Energy Player Member costs = $20.

Team lifts included with tuition begin in November and run for 6, 8, 10, or 12 weeks depending on the team your player is on! 

      Akadema Equipment Night & Uniform Fitting Night

In November, we have our Akadema Equipment night so our players can get their equipment from wooden and metal bats, helmets, and gloves.This also allows parents to get Christmas gifts early! 

We will also have our team uniform fitting night. What apparel is included in player tuition?

-2 Custom Jerseys or Reversible Jersey

-2 Game Hats

-2 Baseball Pants

-Akadema Turfs

-Akadema Bat Bag

-2 Lift Shirts

-2 Lift Shorts

     Fall Apparel Order

Our players receive many items included in their team tuition as shown above. Many kids want extra gear as well as parents! For our Fall apparel order we have many things from sweatshirts and sweatpants, to mock jerseys for parents, to custom batting gloves and more! We love when our families get decked out in Energy Baseball gear!

     Community Service:

Each player will have to complete a mandatory 10 hour community service project. The players are allowed to do the project all at once or break it up into as many as 10 one hour sessions. After each session completed, the player will write a paragraph on their experiences while answering questions assigned by the program. Each player must complete their project before the first practice in January. 


Throughout the year we hold many different fundraisers in accordance with our 501(c)(3) charitable booster club run by our parents in the program. The booster club helps raise funds for our program which are dispersed in August at the end of the year. Funds go back to our parents and players in many different ways such as scholarships, additional apparel, and additional equipment and training aids for the program. The first fundraiser we have is our annual golf tournament which is held each year at the beginning of April @ Heritage Golf & Country Club in Charlton Ma. Other fundraisers during this time include candy bar sales, car wash, and more!

January - March...

     Private Lessons:

Our group lessons continue throughout the months of January until the end of March. This is a wonderful way for our players to get extra attention and extra work with coaches able to work more directly with each players specific needs for improvement. 

     Indoor Baseball Practices:

Baseball practices begin in early January and run until we can get outside! Normally in mid March.

April to May...

   9u, 10u, 11u, 13u, 14u EBL League Games Begin: 

Our EBL League play teams begin playing tournament games in early April!

     12u, 14u Tournament teams begin games in early May! 

Beginning in early May, our 12u and 14u teams begin their game play. 

     Spring Apparel Order:

We know our players want extra gear and apparel. We also know our parents who missed out on our Fall apparel order want to gear up for the season. With this said, we have our Spring Apparel order take place in early April.  


     12u, 14u, 15/16u, College Showcase Games Begin in Mid May/Early June!

     9u, 10u, 11u Season Ends Mid June.

    13u, 14u EBL Teams; Season ends mid July.

     Outdoor Practices:

We practice once per week when we have tournaments on the upcoming weekend and 2 times per week when we do not have tournaments on the upcoming weekends (up to coaches discretion.) 

     Program Wide Awards Banquet:

The week before tryouts for the next year, we hold an annual Energy Baseball Awards Banquet celebrating the teams successes as well as individual successes throughout the prior year.